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A Million Shades of Grey

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A series of extraordinary innovations altered the way people lived and worked for hundreds of years. This was called the Industrial Revolution. I wonder if the people of that time knew they were in the midst of a revolution that would significantly shape the course of history. I believe the few that understood the importance of the time were able to innovate ahead of the masses and capitalize on the rapid evolution of the market.


We currently live in the midst of our own “industrial revolution”. The latest data from Syndacast and Cisco suggest by 2017, 74% of global web traffic will come from video. By 2019, it will increase to over 80%. Internet TV grew 47% in 2014 and it is estimated to increase fourfold by 2019. There is a race to be the few who are able to stay ahead of innovation that is shaping our world.


So how does one stand out in this constant noise of information? Through Story Design (also known as Storybranding), I use a creative process of crafting visuals composed with the power of story. This will not only captivate viewer’s attention but also move hearts. I want to craft visual stories that aim to reach this generation.


About Benjamin...

Life isn’t always what it seems. It can be messy. And yet, it also can beautiful. A single moment frozen in time can say a thousand words. It is a single story. And it is Ben’s passion through video and photography to tell that story; to tell YOUR story.


Ben discovered his passion at a young age, when he realized the power of storytelling from his father, who loved to tell stories through words, song and pictures.  Ben began telling his stories from his own personal experiences. He captured and shared moments when he served in the U.S. Coast Guard, stood at the front lines fighting forest fires, and caring for people during his time as a paramedic. 


For three years, he volunteered at a non-profit organization, and had the opportunity to travel around the world, learning about different cultures. These experiences, both humbling and gratifying, compelled him to tell more stories with his camera. From the small villages tucked away in the mountains of the Philippines to the big cities in China and Thailand, they all shared the commonality of being impacted by visual mediums. It's Ben’s desire to bridge the gap between the viewer and the human experience through the lens of his camera.


Based in Colorado, Ben is currently studying at Full Sail University to obtain his bachelor’s degree in Digital Cinematography.  “I want to use the power of media to create shared experiences that will inspire people to explore their own." He carefully composes beautiful images to create the power of story that moves the heart.



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